Thursday, March 27

2013 Book List

Two months ago Four months ago we entered a brand new year! 

How has the time flown by already??

While I may not be all that stellar at updating my blog as often as I would like, I have been diligent about reading the past few years. It helps me unwind and escape. It keeps the mind fresh and thinking! And I just really love reading!

I've really branched out in the past year or so with the genres that I'm reading and trying out. My super spectacular book club girls have helped me in that department. 

Books I read last year that I most definitely would have never chosen if I hadn't been "assigned" them or asked to read them by someone:

Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner
The View from Mount Joy by Lorna Landvik

A few that I'm so glad I finally persevered through because they are really beautiful books:

Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers
As Sure as the Dawn
An Echo in the Darkness
A Voice in the Wind

Truly lengthy books but wow, they gave me such a beautifully new perspective on faith and what Christians endured in the early church.

Out of all of these books if I had to choose a favorite it would be...

I'll go with Beth Hoffman, Looking for Me.

So much I loved about this book-- the setting, the character's hobby/dream, the storyline, the story telling. It was just a fully enjoyable book from beginning to end.

Second place goes to Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell.

My 2014 has gotten off on the right foot. I have read 3 books thus far, one of which was over 500 pages! I've slowed down a bit since I started this post but I'm still reading!

Tuesday, March 25

Luke: 6 months

Here is our not so little lukieloo.

This guy is weighing in these days at 18 lbs and some change

His diet is still all liquid and he eats local.

His sleep patterns vary but I must say he is a great sleeper and he is still our roommate -- we don't know where he should reside, yet.

Time will tell.

In the meantime, he loves his BFF, Sophia and she loves him to the moon and back.

Sometimes she gets a little too hands on, I must say. If I just turn my head for a minute, I may see something like this... jaw dropping and camera phone OUT!

"lift your bum, baby Lute", said Sophia.

He didn't get it.

He is a little mini-Vinny and most concur on that subject.

off to work on my upper body strength...

Wednesday, March 19

Little Miss S and what Love is

Somedays it's just hard for me to believe this little girl has been with us now for 2 whole years.

She celebrated her birthday last month with one of her favorite foods: ice cream. I merely bought the cupcakes as a prop.... we had an all out sundae bar on a sunday!
It was pretty darn awesome.

And so is she.
Here are just a few of the ways Sophia is awesome (and hysterical)...

All day long I have this little mini-me to follow me around and watch me and help me.

When I was taking Luke's pictures last month, she was right beside me trying to get him to smile for her "sone" camera too.
He wasn't buying it though.

When I'm sitting down to nurse Luke, sometimes she'll join me on the sofa. 
This time it was Elmo who was hungry.
I'm pretty sure all of my kids, at some point, have "tried" to feed their stuffed animals/dolls like this. It always cracks me up.

Want some computer time by myself?
Not a chance when this girl's awake.
This time though, she brought her own computer...
and rickety chair.

It amazes me how fast the little ones learn to use electronics. When someone is missing a leaspster or ds, we will often ask Sophia if she might know where it is.

She usually does and takes you right to it.

Two is a wonderful age. I would never use the word terrible to describe it. I love to see her mind work and try to figure things out everyday.
YES, of course there is definitely quite a bit of independence trying to be earned and learned but if I let her go and just try to do something on her own, usually the battle is lessened considerably and then she'll ask for help.

But all day long you'll hear "I do it..."

For the longest time this little sweetie pie would not watch tv.
I know they shouldn't and blah blah blah.
But there comes a time when you need them to sit and just chill so you can run and check on a sleeping baby without a child who is unable to whisper following right behind you.

So I introduced Sophia to Olivia. One of my favorite pigs and cartoons.

She's hooked. Thank you Amazon instant.

If there is one thing this little girl LOVES the most... it is her brothers.

Gabriel has had her heart from the very earliest of days.

Lately though, she talks all day long of Dom. 
"Dom sleeping?"
"Dom ride bus?"
Dom, this and Dom, that.

She loves them all though. 
But her bestie during the day is Baby Lute. She is my big helper with Luke and the things she asks him and talks to him about are just downright stinkin' adorable.

(this would be a photo of clothing choices for our recent kid pictures- finding coordinating clothes for SIX kids nearly sent me into a tizzy. thank God for texting and good - stylish- friends at the ready)

And of course, she is always around the kitchen with me "I HELP MOMMA" she declares as she pushes over her chair to the island.

Sometimes I'm patient and willing.
A lot of times, I'm not.
These days are so short though so I need to remember these little moments and capitalize on the eagerness of a little person WANTING to help!

A rite of passage.
potty training.

She's eager in this department, but not too eager.
So currently, I'm not pushing the matter but encouraging it whenever possible.

She likes privacy at times but will declare when she has 'tinkled' in a loud voice at the most in opportune times (church, grocery store).


She's a fan of the diaper change, too.
One day I set Luke down to change his diaper. I had everything prepped and ready to go and then... something happened, so I ran to attend to it and when I came back to Luke a few seconds later, there was Sophia taking off his diaper and trying her darndest to get the new one back on him.
She even had a wipe in hand.
insert shocked face here.

Little Mama for sure.

One of the best parts about this age are the sayings/words that are coming out of their little mouths.

The vocabulary increases exponentially at this age and it is so darn cute.

a few of our favorites at the moment:

orangetimes = clementines

When she's thirsty she'll ask for "but"- I don't know why that's how she says MILK but it is. We've tried working on it but it still sounds like but.

Sophia will tell you when you are leaving that she loves you and moon and back. She will tell Dr.'s, strangers, dogs this as well. She doesn't play favorites.

When you leave she will also want to give you a "hud" and a kiss. 

Many are familiar with her adorable way of saying yes.... "ZES!" she declares.

If you're not going fast enough for her she will tell you to "H'mon!"

Does Sophia want to go read a book? "OTAY!"

She loves her Cindayella and Snow White dolls.

Whenever she drops something she'll say "oop a see"

I had to snap a photo of her yelling "I STUCK" one day... I mean, "h'mon" this was hilarious!

Like any other two year old, Sophia gets into trouble at times too.
She knows all about the naughty step and saying sorry.

Learning how to navigate these times takes the patience of a saint.
I have lots of people to practice this virtue with and I'm hear to say, I'm no where near saintliness yet, for sure.

All I know is that God has blessed me with these little people and wants me to love them. That's the most important thing.... love.

I'm reading a most wonderful book right now and it puts things in such a simple light.
I was reminded the other day of what St. Paul tells us "If I have not love, I am nothing." We can speak all the languages of men and angels, possess the fullness of knowledge, strip ourselves of all possessions and so on, but without love, without charity, I am nothing at all!

love must lie at the basis of my vocation. 
It is the heart and soul of what we do every day.
It elevates our mundane tasks.
It breathes life into the monotony and casts a light on the chaos that we might not be able to see if it were not there at all.

So this is what I'm going to focus on this lent... this life

being present


It is the most essential of all.

And she helps me to see that a bit more clearly each day