Monday, March 1

Today's meal is brought to you by the letter "c"! ~ 3.1.10

Now that is one Creative looking mask!

Last week, Stacy J put out a challenge to create a meal completely C-focused. I love a challenge, so I took her up on it!

Our "meal brought to you by the letter C" made it's debut on Saturday evening. Now, just as an aside... I passed up an opportunity to eat DiCarlo's pizza b/c I was so darn excited to make an entire meal dedicated to the letter "c"- now that is committment! Do you know how long it's been since I've had DiCarlo's? too long! About as long as it's taken me to get my rear back into Trader Joe's (and that's a whole other story).

(oreos don't start with "C", but they are COOKIES and CHOCOLATE!)

Speaking of committment, Mrs. Crafty P could not and would not stop at just creating a menu. No! She had activities! (aka diversions, or whatever you'd like to call them)

Once Daddy arrived home, we got the "C"-Party started. The boys + Daddy had to make a list of all the foods they could think of that begin with the letter C. I even challenged them to see if they could stump Mommy and find at least 20! They did it! Can you think of any more that we forgot?

cabbage, celery, carrots, cookies, chili, chicken, cake, crab, cauliflower, corn, clementines, cantalope, cranberry, cilantro, cinnamon, collard greens, chips, cheese, chocolate, crackers

Then while dinner was in the oven (what's for dinner? I'll get there) the boys were paired off and sent on a scavenger hunt all through the house to see how many items they could find that begin with the letter.... did you say "C"? You're right!

Here's what they found (the kitchen was off limits!):

Team G & Z:

Team M & D:

The latter team had a questionable item there- gator or croc... you be the judge. I especially liked the CARTRIDGES- I didn't even know they knew that word!

And then the dinnerbell rang!

We had Chicken Crescents, Cranberry Salsa and Chips, Celery, Corn, (asparagus- b/c it HAD to be eaten)
and for dessert.... COOKIES! I'm sure that we all know the song that Cookie Monster used to sing: "C is for cookie and that's good enough for me! Hey!"

At dinnnertime, we talked about being creative and what we did that day that was creative. It was a great time and such fun!  Thanks Stacy! Now I can't wait to figure out what we're going to do with that LEMON JELL-O!

And if those foods weren't enticing enough for you to visit Crafty's Cafe... be on the look-out for Caterina's Cinnamon Streusel Birthday cake this week! It was lip delish!

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