Friday, November 16

Art gallery in an instant (or something like that) ~ 11.16.12

It's become a daily scenario.

I lay the baby down for a nap, pause to catch my breath and then burst into action. Usually it's a load or two of laundry, followed by folding some of that laundry and then placing that laundry in the respective location (putting it away is not always a top priority and can often be delegated to the owner of said laundry). A myriad of other tasks are usually on the back burner as well, sometimes quite literally, as in dinner!

And then there are the times that I get this crazy spurt of energy to do a "house project". Today was one of those days.

Last weekend we celebrated Max's 8th birthday (guess I should post pics of that event, huh?) at a friend's home. When I walked down into her basement, she had plastered the walls of the stairwell with her kid's artwork. It was so fun to walk through and see their works of art!

Well, the seed was planted.

I've been meaning to "do something" with the art projects the kids come home with weekly/monthly/yearly. Usually, I make sure their name is on it and post it on the fridge for the respective amount of time and then move it along to our new crate filing system (each kid has a crate with file folders; one for each grade; projects, etc get placed in there when I see fit). Well, that's great and all, but there are some really neat projects they do and some beautiful artwork that is sitting folded up in a file folder and not getting the respect or love it deserves!

Today was the day- who knew? I thought I'd need thumb tacks to do this but after a quick search through the "catch all" drawer I unearthed that sticky tacky tape stuff that I loved as a teacher. I decided I wanted the project done NOW so that medium would suffice.

One  project hung and I realized how disgustingly dirty those walls were leading down to the dungeon, er, I mean basement.  So, back to the laundry room to grab a bucket and some Mr. Clean to get those walls and banister in shape!

(very sad set of stairs leading to a mess of a basement and a covered insulation) {frowny face}

Isn't it amazing what a little water, cleaner and elbow grease can do? YES!

And then I looked down and saw the dirt on the steps.... so, sweep, sweep, sweep. Wash, wash, wash and voila.... a clean passage to the basement and walls that were ready for the new art gallery!

It was definitely nostalgic bringing out art that Gabriel did in preschool, Kindergarten, first, second and third grade. Sadly, the frequency of these projects certainly decreases as the years go by so all the more reason to pull out artwork from years ago!

Did I measure, count the number of artwork per kid or have any method to this displaying madness? Absolutely not! Perfection schmection! I just grabbed the next piece of art, stuck some tape to it and popped it on the wall. And then I stood back to realize how happy this project was making me and thinking how happy I hope it makes the kids.

Maybe walking down to the pantry downstairs will be less scary and a bit more enticing!

Update: the kids loved it, too!

What kind of projects have you been meaning to do lately?

ps. I went back and forth, back and forth about that second sentence up there. Did I lay the baby down or laid the baby down. I stuck with my gut, but that doesn't mean I'm grammatically correct. Does lay/lie/laid make your head spin, too?


  1. Where is your "pin it" button! This is totally pinable! I love it. I bet this makes you WANT to go downstairs! :)

    Way to go on completing it all during nap time! Hooray for productivity!

    1. Thanks Happy. After an hour of trying desperately, I still cannot add that stinkin' pin it button to my posts. you'll have to use your bookmarklet. did you install it on your navigation bar? and thanks it does kinda make me WANT to go downstairs!

  2. Love basement stairs could use some TLC too..this is inspiration..thanks! :)

    1. Marijke, I think you mean, PINspiration ;-)

  3. argh. I commented on this on my phone like, a million years ago (or 11 days ago...) and it never posted. I think I said something like: This is so great! You are so great! I'm in awe! and jealous! and inspired! Way to go!

    and I meant it all very much.