Saturday, November 24

Gabriel's Birthday, a recollection ~ 11.24.12

I knew this would happen eventually.

My blog banner would catch up to the actual season.

The first snow is falling. 
The halloween and fall decorations are packed up and put away for another year.
I unearthed the Christmas boxes in the basement and finally found the Christmas lights- too bad I didn't get them up outside while it was delightfully and unseasonally warm last week. oh well.

And it is time to begin the preparations for Christmas through the celebration of ADVENT!

BUT... before I get THERE, I need to go back and capture our birthdays on here.
I know I briefly touched upon this guy turning ten in this post here, but for posterity and for the sake of my scrapbooks, I needed a more detailed post.

So, Gabriel turned 10 this year. 10 years of parenting under our belt. We still have loads to learn.

He wanted to have a friend party this year... at the movie theater. Since there are only 4 boys in his class, this was very doable!

Mr. Crafty took the boys to see Here Comes the Boom with Kevin James. 

Four very rambunctious and excited fourth grade boys who fed off each other's energy.

God bless Mr Crafty. He questioned his sanity a few times throughout that experience.

They enjoyed the movie but returned with absolutely NO PICTURES for Mrs. Crafty! UGH!

Once the 10 year old and Mr. Crafty returned home, we got ready to celebrate with family. 
Stuffed shells, salad.... creamy deliciousness.

And of course, the cake. I take joy in making the kid's birthday cakes each year. Gabriel was simple: make it chocolate.

I went here to get the recipe for a most amazing and delicious chocolate cake. Iced with a simple buttercream and piped with a simple design.

It was cake perfection.

Gabriel brought his favorite cake bites into school to share. They were going to be dipped and made into little pumpkins like you see there. But due to candy melts beyond my control, they were transformed into white almond bark dipped ghosts, which did not make the photo cuts. 

**note to self: do not attempt dipping cake bites into colored candy melts. disastrous!

 A few of Gabriel's favorite gifts: game stop gift cards, a video camera to make movies of lego people and tutorials of him playing Wii games, a battery operated toothbrush (for real, he's wanted one for awhile), Beyblades, a skateboard.

 It was a great day of celebrating our ten year old. 

Next up, Max!

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  1. I cannot believe you have a ten year old! (I'm sure you cannot believe it at times, too.) I think I said it before, but his cake looked delicious!

    Getting ready for Advent over here, too! Yay!