Saturday, December 22

Gifts to Give: RootDeer

Now who wouldn't love to receive a 6 pack of RootDeer?

This is such a fun gift to give and easy, too. 
Takes you back to kindergarten with the pipe cleaner crafts.

You'll need:
A bunch of brown pipe cleaners/chenille stems
googlie eyes- the ones that are sticky are best, but Elmer's glue will work with these, too
Red pom poms- small sized

1. Cut your pipe cleaners for the antlers. For each antler, you'll need one full length pipe cleaner and 4 finger length ones... see:

2. Once they're cut, make a cross/T with the small length on the full length pipe cleaner and twist it so that it stays put! Repeat 3 more times so you have 2 antler "stems" on each side of the pipe cleaner

3. Just to note, you're putting the "stems" near the ends of each of the pipe cleaners- you want to keep the middle free to wrap around your bottle.

4. Wrap your antlers around the top of the bottle near the cap. Glue on 2 eyes and a red reindeer nose (rudolph trumps on this- the impact is greater)

Here's your Gift! A 6 pack of REINBEER!

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  1. I love this! I kept seeing it with regular beer...but this is great alternative! Why didn't I think of it!?