Monday, February 4

Just one year ago

I've been waxing nostalgic all day here as I recall the day's events from just one short year ago today. Now this is heavy with detail as I think back and write it all out here. I hadn't done so previously. Here goes the longest post ever...this year!

I had my scheduled appointment at the OB, hoping for "good news" on Friday, February 3, 2012. Up to this point in the history of my pregnancies, I've never ever gone into labor naturally, I've always had to be induced.

I remember talking to the doctor about what to expect. "How will I know if I'm in labor?," says the mom of 4. Crazy to think I wouldn't know but my body just hasn't worked that way!

The appointment went well- no new news. Barely dilated. But my doctor was hopeful and he kept saying you won't make it through the weekend. I was holding onto hope that maybe this was the time I could finally say we were "in labor" and drive to the hospital to be admitted! Or better yet have the excitement of my water breaking! Ooo. And of course, the biggest question on everyone's mind was: boy or girl?

Well, the kids were all in school and I had some time to kill. I was really craving Moe's and kept thinking about guac and chips and a Vandalay. Mmmm. I was also feeling the pressure of time running out on me (not to mention a little baby pressure as well). If I didn't go over the weekend I was scheduled for an induction on Monday. So with that in mind off to Wally World I went to gather some last minute necessities.
It was about 1:00 in the afternoon when I left the store and was headed to Moe's. I had walked my pregnant booty off in the store and was kinda tired but more than that, wasn't feeling "quite right". I decided to skip Moe's and hurry home to grab a quick lunch before I had to pick up all the boys from school. I checked in with Mr. Crafty to give him my status update but told him not to worry, I didn't need him to leave...yet.

So here's where I should have made that first mental note that l could very well be in the first stage of labor. I skipped Moe's!!! I wasn't feeling quite right and there was an increase in that downward pressure.

Back at the ranch I grabbed lunch: ham and beans with rice. Mmmmm. I was talking to Michelle on the phone and trying to talk through what I was experiencing. She was wondering why I would eat such a meal if I was indeed in labor! Ha ha. I was hungry! A pregnant girl wants what a pregnant girl wants!
I told her I didn't think this was labor.

Clue number two: I had no idea what labor felt like and should have listened to my seasoned friends and family.

I was texting with a cousin when she just stopped texting and called me outright to emphasize the fact that I had to start packing a bag because she truly believed I was in labor!! Stop second guessing and get that hospital bag packed!

Okay okay. Enough excuses at this point. The pressure, the contractions, the feeling not "quite right" were all leading to he same conclusion! I was listening now and I started the ball rolling and got Mr. Crafty on his way home and Mom-to-Crafty on her way to our house and then I went to school to pick up the boys (I had no choice on that one!). I remember telling the twins' teacher that I thought I was in labor and hopefully we'd have a baby by weekend's end! I was still not quite sure but thought it was a good opportunity to just head to the hospital and get my doctor's opinion.

I called ahead and told them we'd be checking in that evening. Mr. Crafty and I headed to Bloomfield and took care of business- we went to eat at a little pizza place across from the hospital that we were told had great hoagies and pizza. In the history of all my pregnancies and eve before inductions- I take my last dinner without a newborn kinda seriously. In the past it was a great little place called Mezzanotte. They closed. Now we were at this dive of a joint that smelled awesome and we were hoping that it would not disappoint. It didn't. I ate my whole piece of pizza (biggest slice ever) and some of Mr. Crafty's hoagie (not unusual for me) and then we got checked into the hospital by about 7:30. (Ps we had no idea where to check in... I had to call L&D from some lobby and they sent someone down to find us!)

And if you didn't think all of the above was long and laborious (ha!) I'm just going to cut out all the hours of waiting and non-activity and exhaustion and sum it up as quickly as I can.

After being admitted and getting all the hooks and belts and wires going, I did indeed show that I was having contractions! Steadily!  I was in labor (yay! First time)! Then a few hours later, things slowed down really fast. My doctor had come in to break my water and thought it wouldn't be long... She was wrong. It was midnight when she did that and it didn't take long for her to start some pitocin to move things along. Somewhere in the middle of the night the epidural arrived- it was not my best. I had feeling in my left side and we had to do a lot of maneuvering to get the meds to balance out. I was tired. I wasn't feeling so well. I wanted to hold this new baby so darn bad but there was nothing else my body would do to help that moment come any sooner.

So we waited and waited and let the pitocin do its work and then finally around noon on February 4th, it was go time!

Three pushes and a new baby was born into the Crafty family and this time the plumbing was completely different and it was a girl.

Sophia entered the world at 12:17 pm at 7lbs 15oz and 20 1/2 inches long.

We were awestruck to say the very least. She's been melting our hearts for a full year now. My little baby girl is ONE!


  1. I remember when you decided not to go to Moe's also. I knew something was seriously amiss! Can't believe Miss Sophia is one already! Hope she has an utterly sweet birthday!

  2. ONE? Man.....looks like it's time to have another one! :)
    Thanks for sharing your birth story. It's kinda comforting to hear that even after 5 no one has it entirely figured out. You did good mama!