Thursday, February 21

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ 2.21.13

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

round button chicken

capturing the context of contentment in everyday life


these are the favors my mum and I made for Sophia's party-that-was-cancelled-and-rescheduled due to illness
they contained this inside:

and that adorable cupcake banner stretches across both of my dining room armoires. My lovely neighbor, Tara, made them on her cricut. She's a crafter and lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR. yay!
Crafty P is thrilled to have a kindred spirit so close


cupcakes on a pretty plate
not much makes me happier than pretty cupcakes with SPRINKLES!
sprinkles truly do make any event happier

I used these two recipes for my cupcakes and they turned out super delish!


 a new spot that will soon be getting a door lock. While cute, this is also where we house the lunch bags, toaster, and vitamins. Yes, my daughter is leaning on a food processor that has a blade inside it. sigh. I can barely open that lid at times so I'm not concerned that she will get in there.

All that said, we were looking for Sophia when we discovered her in HERE and it was more than funny as all the boys rushed over and said TAKE HER PICTURE! love it


this was my attempt at hot dog buns for our meatball subs the other night. I guess they turned out more sub-like and that is a good thing, but oh dear. I guess I'll stick to pizza dough, which I believe I've mastered my recipe for that quite well, and keep practicing the other "bread dough" recipes. They tasted great though, got the recipe from Annie

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  1. Those little gift bags are precious! I hope everyone is feeling better!!!
    So long as the bread tastes good, who cares what it looks like! Those look scrumptious too!

    1. thanks Kathy. Yes, we're all recovered!

  2. The gift bags are quite adorable! And why do I have a feeling you already had those sweet little doilies and brown paper bags and ribbon on hand? The cupcake banner looks pretty sweet too! How fortunate for you to have such a nearby crafter!

    Bread...yummmm. I miss bread. Did I tell you I am being educated on Paleo? I miss white yeasty bread. With butter. Lots and lots of butter.

    Good to see a new post from over here in my feed!!

  3. I can't get over Sophia in the cabinet...too funny!!