Monday, March 25

A Word With You: Green


March word: green

Oh how hard I am going to try to not let this be a post about how very little GREEN I am seeing around my neighborhood and how very much I would love SPRING to finally get here so I can see more green!

Moving forward.

So green. When I saw that this was our word to think on and write about all I could come up with a few weeks ago is that it's one of my favorite colors. And yes, for all you sticklers out there, I DO realize that favorite implies ONE, but I have favoriteS, plural, because they change often. wax and wane if you will.

Yet, green has been a favorite color season after season. I wear it every day as my outwear item of choice is a green fleece zip thing. If we play a game I choose the green piece to move around the board.  I also love green veggies.

Now a few weeks later and the eve before our posting is due all I can still come up with is that GREEN is still my favorite color and that I want spring to come soon!

As we drive around the neighborhood I've been pointing out to the kids that they need to look closely... the trees are indeed budding and the hills are not looking so brown and drab anymore!

Well instead of being a Debby Downer here, I'll just nab some of my favorite green inspired photos from my stash and dream of green filled days ahead!

I have no idea what kind of salad this is, but it looks fabulous. Wish I had a)blogged about it.... or b) labeled the photo. I just adore salad. yum

First time Mr. Crafty ever mowed the grass at our new house and well, it was the first time in YEARS he HAD to mow grass since we've been living in a neighborhood that had lawn care. Needless to say, he ended up with some green sneaks

One of my favorite (there I go again) green veggies is Roma beans. I get giddy when I spy them at the farmers market. I eat them hot or cold. Delish!

From a trip Max and I took last year to pick veggies... a very green jalapeƱo!

Here we are... on the green! On vacation!

My lovely herb garden. It's the only plants I can grow and sustain for some reason. I certainly do not have a green-thumb. So looking forward to multiple pots of basil, thyme and parsley this year.

A little rest in the late summer with a green shirt over looking the green grass!

I think this is in my neighbor's yard and I love it. I want one in my yard, so I took a picture. Very full and green!

Some indoor green... Max at his new puzzle table, wearing a green shirt!

saving the best for last... I mean, can you stand it? While I didn't LOVE the headband and tutu for normal everyday wear, I couldn't resist popping them on baby girl and sitting her in the gorgeous green grass for a impromptu photo shoot.
 I mean if green is fabulous paired with ORANGE, it just gets even more FAB!

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Coming up this week:

  • Birthday round up x three! We've had 3 birthdays that I've failed to talk about.... need to fix that fast!
  • Holy Week is upon us and I'm gearing up for the feasting on Easter!


  1. I love all your greens! But especially the putt putt, and the puzzle table. Maybe you should adopt me? :)

    (And I too had a hard time not just whining about how we'll never see green again b/c of all the WHITE. Enough already, winter!!

  2. I love how all your dinner components are always placed so neatly in a cute serving dish on the table. I can never seem to get it all on the table, all the little people arranged, and get it all dished out before something gets cold! But its so nice to have it on the table. Especially if you take pictures of your food!

    Mr. Crafty's green sneaks are funny to me because I feel like he and Derek may have shared the same sentiments about that after the first time they each had to recently mow grass. Both because I feel like Vinny would probably have white sneaks like Derek and because of all the free, grass mowing time they have on their hands.

    But, seriously, we could use some green grass to mow at this point!

    Love Sophia in the tutu. She is precious. The end.

  3. Your little girl looks so adorable! Love the tutu!

    I like the color green as well, but just realized this past St Patricks Day that I only own one piece of green clothing! I couldn't believe it!

    Thanks for writing with us!

  4. After my first shopping trip with you, I KNEW, without you saying it, that green was your favorite color. Almost every shirt you picked had green in it or green was the primary color. :)

    Green is most certainly a perfect color for you!

    I love every single picture! But Sophia in the tutu in the fresh green grass, beautiful!