Thursday, March 14

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} the Pope edition

round button chicken
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Today is a glorious day! I almost couldn't wait to blog about the newly elected Pope Francis I this morning. I had other plans to blog solely about it but then I remembered it was Thursday and I could post a PHFR! but truly....

in English: We Have a POPE!


It's okay for me call Max pretty in this photo right? This was where my mind was wandering to all afternoon yesterday as we waited to see who the Pope was going to be. The last time I was watching the coverage of a papal election, Max was this size, back in 2005. I was getting a little misty eyed thinking about it. Gosh, look at those cheeks. He could gobble Sophia up. I think they're the same size right now (him in this photo, her in real life now- 17 lbs!)

(but more like overjoyed this week)

Yesterday I was typing away on the computer when I heard my phone buzzing away on the kitchen island. (incidentally, my phone speakers have been broken for months and I have to see or feel my phone ringing to know someone is calling/texting) Right, so after a second or two I thought, someone is really trying to get a hold of me! And there it was a text from PopeAlarm alerting me that white smoke was rising from the Sistine Chapel! HOORAY! And the second text was my friend, Happy, declaring that there was WHITE SMOKE! I love that she texted me as she's not even Catholic!

So for the next hour I was glued to Fox/EWTN trying to get the most coverage... I knew the kids would be walking in the door any minute and of course, the minute Cardinal Bergolio emerged onto the balcony was the exact minute I was ushering the kids into the house... "hurry, hurry.... we're about to meet him" (they already knew a Pope had been elected as they were winding down their day at school, Sister told them)

And then we saw him!

there's my crappy iphone photo for you....

I had to get caught up a bit later as there was too much chatter and questions and a baby in the room while he was speaking. However, the humility, simplicity and prayerfulness of this new elected Pope are what my first impressions will be for always. How he humbly bowed and asked us all to pray for him. How he led us all in the prayers of the church as a unified body of Christ. And as we learned more about him throughout the evening and the fact that he took the name Francis after St. Francis of Assisi, a lover of the poor and a simple man who did amazing things for God... I believe the Holy Spirit got this one right ;-)


To celebrate, and in honor of @conclavechimney (on twitter, kept me in STITCHES), who was really Thomas Peters from the American Papist blog, the election of the new Holy Father, I came up with this dessert...

White smoke billowing through the dark of night out of the conclave chimney.... aka Coke Floats


The kids were thrilled to get coke AND ice cream!
I was impressed by my creative swagger to turn something ordinary into a cool themed dessert

I was headed to a prayer circle last evening to and whipped up a super fast and super delicious MARGARITA cake. It was as Argentinian as I could get at 4pm! I was super glad no one got drunk on that tequila spiked icing! yowzers!

recipe source: here


and a photo I snapped from my iphone this morning.
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, newly elected Pope Francis I and Blessed John Paul II all together in this one photo. So very cool. 
I love social media and how it shares the good news like this in so many ways. This was such a cool thing to see.

and enjoy her beautiful green mudroom. I'm green with envy over that gorgeous POP of color!


  1. Sil was in my belly the last time it happened. As Heidi said, we've been "quite productive over the last 8 years". ;0)

  2. I am not Catholic, but couldn't be happier that Francis is the new pope!

    1. I think the whole world is rejoicing with us! blessings!

  3. Oh I love that last photo! How cool!!

    1. It's making its way around the interwebs- such a cool photo!