Tuesday, April 16

More Birthday- the March and April peeps

I need to squeeze in a March/April birthday recap before my futile brain loses all this information. 
That's why I blog. 
To help my memory.

And because mine is freshed in my mind... I'll start there.

I may have mentioned from time to time that I really enjoy celebrating my birthday. You can even read about why I do in this post "Why I Love My Birthday"

So when I woke up that lovely spring day a few weeks ago, I set to doing something I enjoy.... making pancakes that I KNEW I would love and maybe my kids might not (Sophia and Gabriel did, the others, not so much). Hey, it was MY birthday.  They get ice cream for breakfast, I wanted oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes! 

While it was a very busy day with soccer and organizing children to get a few chores done (there may have been some yelling at said kids and "it's my birthday, be nice to me" may have been tossed around a few times), I had a dinner date with Mr. Crafty to look forward to that night.

Mr. Crafty spent the day with hundreds of men from our city at The Catholic Gathering of Men downtown.  He had my blessing to go. He was fed spiritually and would later attend to my literal feeding at a lovely venue downtown: Ruth Chris. 

I had requested steak for dinner. I've been itching to break out the Barbie but am patiently waiting to get some much needed deck repairs/spiffing up done, so no grilling yet.

It was a delicious and filling dinner and we had a surprise guest who is partially (his arm) in this (blurry) picture of us... my dad.
He likes to make an appearance and buy wine and dessert. He was welcome to join us. LOL

That dessert you see there was a gargantuan apple strudel thing-a-majig. I ate -maybe- a 1/4 of it and saved the rest for breakfast another day. 

It was truly a great day (weekend really) and I optimized all my free codes and treats that you get sent when you sign up for Redbox, Starbucks, Moe's etc etc.

Last month, the twins turned a whopping SIX years old. How....does.... this keep happening? 
My babies are growing too fast. 

Here you see their build a bear counterparts. 
They would dress in camo (still) everyday if they had enough to make it through the week. Thankfully, they do not.

My mum took them to Build a Bear which I had no idea they would be remotely intersested in at all. After a recent birthday party there though, they requested "pants" for their nekkid bears and so they got unders and a whole lot more for the bears!

Ah the cake. 
This year the request was for the "Pirate Ship like you made Max"

So, I did as requested... not too shabby for an "oh my goodness where has this day gone I haven't even started the cake yet and it's 3:00" kinda cake.

I made it a wee bit different but it was still accepted by my fickle twins.

We celebrated with close family and they have a classmate party coming up in a few weeks (it had to be postponed due to the ugly stomach bug).

There haven't been too many new likes/dislikes from these guys in a year. They still love camo and wrestling each other (or any willing person). They still say the funniest things and have the most passionate expressions.
They are REALLY into Playmobil now and have received many of those sets as well as lego kits. Their brothers are finally leaving them alone and letting them build them all by themselves.
They both still love all things military and monster truck related.

And at six, they're both still melting my heart with those smiles and hugs and kisses that they, thankfully, still give their mama and their dad, too!


  1. Happy belated bday! sounds like you had a marvelous day/weekend/week....I love when people still like celebrating their birthday, even when they've passed the excitement of 21. Never stop!

    And that pirate cake? I can promise you those kids would have gotten a batch of box brownies if I had to whip something up that fast. You are unbelievable!!

  2. Those twinsers are so cute. So, so cute. What an amazingly awesome birthday cake! Last minute? Geesh, I hate to be in CAKE BAKING competition with you! It took me a couple tries to nail Pioneer Woman's Texas Sheet Cake and it's flat! Cakes probably don't get much easier than that.

    How sweet of your dad to stop by your birthday celebration and buy wine and dessert!