Tuesday, August 27

5 Favorites: the "Push Present" edition

Joining up with Hallie to share my five favorite "push presents"- 'cause welcoming the newest Crafty  Baby is all that is on my sweet little mind of late (well, that and decluttering, baking, stocking up on essentials and figuring out how to juggle 4 soccer schedules- HA!) And since I'll be quite busy feeding/admiring/changing/healing after Crafty Baby is born... I thought I'd help Mr. Crafty out with some ideas. He's going to be tired, too, so this is just me helping him out ahead of time.

as an aside- I really don't recall Mr. Crafty really giving me a "push present" (people do this kinda stuff, for real). We've talked about it but then the chaos of newborn-life descended upon us and we were just too busy being tired/enamored/exhausted/in awe.

So in light of all that, I'm pretty easy to please in this present department and if Mr. Crafty arrived back at our little intimate hospital room with one, two or all of these, I'd be smitten. Maybe gifts ARE my love language...


a good magazine (or two)

I enjoy perusing the pages of scrapbook magazines (there are only a few left in the industry) even if I'm not able to scrapbook for awhile and Life:beautiful is just a beautiful and uplifting magazine.


a sweet treat

argh. blurry freezer section photo
you get the point. Graeters is the ONLY brand I'd eat of this flavor. I'm not a fruity flavored ice cream kinda gal, but this ice cream is exquisite.
love. love. love.
I'd even share with Mr. Crafty. I mean, it IS a pint.


sweet treat numero dos

these, my friends, are delicious little gummy bears.
I had no idea how much I loved gummy bears until I discovered Howe Gummies.
ironically, I attended college in the same town they're made and never made this discovery until now. 15 years later.


a drink other than ice chips (finally)

of the 168,00 different drink combos at Sonic... my 2013 choice has been a half and half mint iced tea thanks to this girl.
I love it.
I started just making my own mint syrup at home to curb the impulse to buy a drink everytime I pass by this place
but since I'm not at home to brew some tea and add my simple syrup, I'll need a drink to wash down those gummy bears


for when the hospital food just doesn't "cut the mustard" 

I'll take a box of these please.
full belly.
happy momma

Funny how this little edition reads like a "If you give a Mouse a Cookie" or something like that...

ps. Mr. Crafty.... on the way home, can we stop here please

because I'll probably be hungry and what better way to satiate my hunger than a stop at a fave ice cream place that just so happens to be on the way home!

for more fun favorites, head over to Hallie's and peruse at your leisure!


  1. I don't see any reason why Mr. Crafty shouldn't have all of these treats ready for you. Or he could go with whatever Jay-Z got Beyonce. (Take your pick Mr. Crafty).

    Hope push comes to shove soon for you!

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