Thursday, September 19

first hours, days, week

{First Hours}


One of our first gifts in the hospital was this little cake and card signed by all our nurses.
 The cake was the perfect post-labor breakfast the "next" morning.

I had no idea Luke had so much hair! It took me much later to pull off that little hospital cap and discover the head of hair underneath it all!

I love those first hours together when you can inspect their little feet and hands and knees and ears.... tiny little baby parts. 
so precious

Evolution of a family
Here's my reality....
six kids and my prince charming.

crazy! exciting! blessed!

First Days Home

 I had the opportunity to leave the hospital as soon as possible and return to my nest and my own bit of chaos.

We still had a crib to assemble and baby stuff to unearth! 
I was in my final week of nesting and would have bet the house that I wouldn't go into labor early.

But maybe having a garage sale 2 days before "Labor day" was indeed a really good idea.

It certainly helped push me along in the right direction!

The boys were over the moon over baby Luke. Wanting to hold him and kiss him and snuggle him.

This little lady was more interested, at first, at all the new products showing up.

She became our unofficial tester-outer.

yep, the co-sleeper seems to be working just fine, thanks Miss S!

While these late nights and early mornings and all the hours in between are exhausting....

I am cherishing these moments and love looking down to see this sweet thing in my lap.

I still have my usual cravings...

there's a lot of this kind of thing being eaten over here.

First Week

definitely challenging on so many levels. 
Mr. Crafty went back to work one week after Luke was born, well, one day short of one week.

The first day was not too shabby.
The kids went to school.
Sophia took a stellar nap.
Luke and I napped.

The kids came home and brought with them all the insanity that we have everyday after school... snacks, homework, dinner, baths, bed.

And then you have these little moments....

And you have lots of these multi-tasking moments.
Trying to squeeze in as much of life as you possibly can before bedtime.

And then I have to feed all these people?

We've been blessed by many bringing dinner by and I'm receiving some more meals in the coming weeks, thankfully.

Because mustering the energy to make dinner, organize homework, school lunches, uniforms, feed a newborn and wrangle a toddler is enough for any one person to handle in one hour or so.

Everything seems to happen at once.

So it's really great when I feel energized enough to make something homemade for dinner. It's not happening everyday. Promise.
I'm not superwoman and can't wave a wand to make things appear/disappear (but gosh, I wish those dirty dishes and ironing would disappear for awhile) quite yet.

And I'm still working with just 2 hands and 2 legs... "I'm not an OCTOPUS" I tell the kids! patience please!

all in all, these first two weeks have been grand.
exhausting, yes.
frustrating at times, yes and YES!

sometimes feeling defeated by the sheer magnitude of what needs to be accomplished before 8pm, oh heavens, YES!

And then you sit back and look and find moments like this and well, it puts it all in perspective to me.

these days are short.
Gone in the blink of an eye.

So, I'm just going to cherish the time I have to sit and watch it all enfold.
And fill my heart with thankfulness that I get to be a part of this amazing adventure God has prepared for me.

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  1. Your perspective is amazing. I know you must have your moments, but you are so very good at remaining calm and savoring the important, the ever fleeting.

    And blogging about it, to boot!

    Mr. Luke is simply adorable and the evolution of your family is a beautiful one!