Sunday, December 15

Luke 3 months

Happy Happy Happy!

This little guy is such a delight and a joy to our family.

He has filled out those cheekies and is totally kissable.

At 3 months he is now in size 3 diapers. I knew it was going to happen and finally I was tired of stuffing his bum into size 2 and took the plunge and started using the sz 3's. Now we just grab 2 diapers, line up the littles and change them both with the same size diaper! win win

Luke has become so smiley this month. Talking a lot in those baby gurgles that make my heart just swoon.

And he is SOLID.
I mean SOL-ID.

Just like Max.

Let's review...

here's Max at about this age:

And here's Luke with his assistant, Sophia:

Yep, they're definitely related and definitely have similar builds.
And those cheeks!

Luke is known around these parts as Lukieloo or Lukapotamus. Daddy calls him the latter and I, the former. They're adorable baby nicknames if I don't say so myself.

We are gearing up to celebrate his first Christmas and enjoy 3 weeks of family togetherness while the kids are off of school.

Hopefully there's more blogging in my future - so much to say, so little time and so very little memory!!

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  1. All I can think of is how much your family dynamic has changed over the years! You used to be the mom with all those boys and a set of twins in the mix to boot and now you have all these KIDS (because those boys are no longer bambinos) and a girl among the wee ones! Both Luke and his assistant are so cute! Runs in the family!

    Three weeks of vacation, huh? Why does it make me twitch a little when I think of this time? Hopefully, I will feel different as the Christmas rush passes and I don't have as many things to cross off the to-do list. I think I'm done reading til after the 25th too! Boo!