Friday, January 10

7 Quick Takes Vol 2: 4 month old, twins of another nature and more fun

Enough with the blog procrastination!
Here I go with a try to get back on the wagon again...

Let me begin with this guy. 
He's four months now and nearly 16 big LB's
He's moving, grabbing, chewing on anything he can grab, smiling, cooing and heavy.
I need to work out to lift this guy.

And he melts our heart with his adorable smile and dimples

How in the world is this girl here almost 2?

She is hysterical and adorable and the source of much joy and laughter and sometimes tears.
She likes to confiscate the big boys toys and legos and knock over/crash their creations.
So now we close doors.

And just recently she started learning how to close doors and trying to open them. She hasn't mastered the latter yet. whew.

whole post on her coming soon.
there's just so much more to say!

loaded my pics to my mac and found out that one of the twinks took this photo of dinner last night

not bad photo skills!

we have been LOVING this recipe
tacos have been revolutionized by it forever in da house

some latitude 40 bowling fun from last friday
blurry as usual b/c my camera is the stinks
that place is fun
My have- big screen Fruit Ninja!

Phipps selfie with mi madre
We took in the winter flower show last Sunday with friends and Luke
Here we are with the BIG Christmas tree!
great tradition

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  1. Oh my goodness . I LOVE Max in those glasses. Adorable and so smart looking. What a total cutie pie package.

    Four months? Two years? I refuse to believe it. Costain babies grow fast. It is a good thing they each make room for one more! ;) Seven is your number after all!

    Do it for the fans if nothing else. :)