Thursday, March 27

2013 Book List

Two months ago Four months ago we entered a brand new year! 

How has the time flown by already??

While I may not be all that stellar at updating my blog as often as I would like, I have been diligent about reading the past few years. It helps me unwind and escape. It keeps the mind fresh and thinking! And I just really love reading!

I've really branched out in the past year or so with the genres that I'm reading and trying out. My super spectacular book club girls have helped me in that department. 

Books I read last year that I most definitely would have never chosen if I hadn't been "assigned" them or asked to read them by someone:

Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner
The View from Mount Joy by Lorna Landvik

A few that I'm so glad I finally persevered through because they are really beautiful books:

Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers
As Sure as the Dawn
An Echo in the Darkness
A Voice in the Wind

Truly lengthy books but wow, they gave me such a beautifully new perspective on faith and what Christians endured in the early church.

Out of all of these books if I had to choose a favorite it would be...

I'll go with Beth Hoffman, Looking for Me.

So much I loved about this book-- the setting, the character's hobby/dream, the storyline, the story telling. It was just a fully enjoyable book from beginning to end.

Second place goes to Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell.

My 2014 has gotten off on the right foot. I have read 3 books thus far, one of which was over 500 pages! I've slowed down a bit since I started this post but I'm still reading!


  1. awesome! keep reading! stories are the economy of wisdom!

  2. I'm not sure I knew you ended up reading all of Mark of The Lion! Maybe I did and forgot. Awesome! I loved Attachments, too and so many of our book club reads. Did you have Gone Girl up there? Did we read that more than a year ago? I love how book club puts a book in my hands I wouldn't normally pick first, too. Summer reading will be upon us soon! Yay!!

  3. I've read more than I thought!!