Tuesday, March 25

Luke: 6 months

Here is our not so little lukieloo.

This guy is weighing in these days at 18 lbs and some change

His diet is still all liquid and he eats local.

His sleep patterns vary but I must say he is a great sleeper and he is still our roommate -- we don't know where he should reside, yet.

Time will tell.

In the meantime, he loves his BFF, Sophia and she loves him to the moon and back.

Sometimes she gets a little too hands on, I must say. If I just turn my head for a minute, I may see something like this... jaw dropping and camera phone OUT!

"lift your bum, baby Lute", said Sophia.

He didn't get it.

He is a little mini-Vinny and most concur on that subject.

off to work on my upper body strength...

1 comment:

  1. Oh my word, Miss S and the diaper changing! How funny/sweet/adorable! And seriously, his diet is all liquid and he eats "local..." what a hoot. Baby Lute is awesome.